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This site is dedicated to the men who served the 11th Light Infantry Brigade.

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11th LIB The 11th LIB was formed as part of the US Army's 6th Division during WWI. Activated November of 1917 its elements at that time were the 51st Infantry Regiment, 52nd Infantry Regiment, 16th Machine-Gun Battalion and the 11th Field Artillery. The 11th LIB was deployed overseas from June of 1918 and returned to the United States in June of 1919. The 11th was deactivated September 30, 1021 at Camp Grant, IL. The 11th LIB was inactive through WWII after the US Army reorganized its Divisions of 2 brigades of 2 regiments into 3 regiments with no brigades.

The 11th Light Infantry Brigade 11th LIB Insigniais best known for its service with the 23rd Infantry Division, AMERICAL Division during the Vietnam War from 1967 to 1971. The brigade was organized as a separate Infantry Brigade at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. It was the first element of the 6th Infantry Division and was scheduled to be activated for deployment to Vietnam. This activation was cancelled by McNamra. The 11th Light Infantry in early 1967, trained extensively in jungle operations in preparation for deployment to Vietnam. To stress realism in the Vietnam-oriented tactical training, the brigade conducted "live-fire' operations in the rugged, thickly-vegetated terrain of the Koolau Mountains on the island of Oahu. The 11th LIB was deployed during the Vietnam War and served the US Army's 23rd Infantry Division, The AMERICAL Division.

The 3/1 (Always First), 1/20 (Sykes Regulars), 4/3 (The Old Guard) and 4/21 (The Gimlets) infantry Battalions collectively have more Battle streamers, more campaign ribbons, and more years of continuous service than any comparable collection of units in the United States military. The history of these units reads like the battle history of the United States. The Old Guard and Sykes Regulars fought side by side at Gettysburg. More than 100 years later these same storied maneuver Battalions unite as part of the 11th Brigade under the Southern Cross in beautiful Southeast Asia. However, they were not the only units that made up the 11th Light Infantry Brigade. E Troop 1st Cavalry, 6th Battalion 11th Artillery, 6th Support Battalion, 6th Engineer Company, 52nd Military Intelligence detachment and HHC all were a major contributing factor that formed the 11th Light Infantry Brigade.

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The first 11th LIB website was developed by Bill Allen. Information about Bill Allen and the photos he had shared with us may be found in the Photos & Thanks section under Bill Allen. . RIP Bill Allen.
Tommy Skiens took over the site after Bill Allen's passing and collected and added much to this site. Please see the Photo & Thanks section under Tommy Skiens of this website to learn about his website Buffgrunt.

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