Amimo Et Fide - Courageous and Faithful

e troop 1stCavE Troop, 1st Cavalry was first constituted March 2, 1833 as Company E, United States Regiment of Dragoons. The unit has participated in the Mexicane troop 1stCav War, the Indian Wars, the Civil War, the War with Spain, World War II, and Vietnam. On December 6, 1967, E Troop, 1st Cavalry, departed Hawaii aboard the USS General William Weigel for the Republic of Vietnam. E Troop joined the 11th Infantry Brigade 19 December 1967 and was colocated with the brigade headquarters in Vietnam. The unit's mission is to provide security and perform reconnaissance for the 11th Infantry Brigade and to engage in offensive, defensive, or delaying action as an economy of force unit. In the Spring of 1969, E Troop received nine M551 Armored Reconnaissance/Airborne Assault Vehicles, and since then E Troop has been employed as an armor unit and has been engaged primarily in security missions. Though somewhat limited in mobility by the terrain in the 11th Brigade's area of operation, E Troop has proved the value of armor-protected firepower on repeated occasions. E Troop departed Vietnam 18 October 1971.



etroop roster linkClicking on the image to the left, will open up a pdf of the Department of the Army, E-Troop, 1st Cavalry, Americal APO San Francisco Roster. You must have a pdf viewer installed in your broswer to view or download.

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    Our Project of Honor

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