Number of living whose names are etched on The Wall in error? TWELVE!

The youngest Vietnam KIA is believed to be Dan Bullock at 15 years old.

The oldest person on the Wall is Dwaine McGriff at 63 years old.

At least 5 men killed in Vietnam were 16 years old.

At least 12 men killed in Vietnam were 17 years old.

There are 120 persons who listed foreign countries as their home of record.

At least 25,000 of those killed were 20 years old or younger.

More than 17,000 of those killed were married.

Number of Chaplains on the Wall -- 16 (2 Medal Of Honor)

Number of Women on the Wall -- 8 (7 Army, 1 USAF - 7,484 served)

There are 226 Native Americans on the Memorial.

There are 22 countries represented on the Memorial.

Most common name on the Memorial "Smith" with 667 veterans.

The most casualties for a single day was on January 31, 1968 ~ 245 casualties.

The most casualties for a single month was May 1968, 2,415 casualties were incurred.



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    Our Project of Honor

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