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11th Light Infantry Brigade

Bruce Flaherty’s Project…

Keithline Family

Reunions of the veterans of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade, 4th/3rd Infantry are due in large part to the efforts of Dan Behrens, brother of Tom Behrens who served Delta Co. 4th/3rd, and was killed in action in 1968. Dan wanted to learn more information about his brother’s service in Vietnam and anyone who remembered his brother. His tireless search led him to about 30 or more of his brother “brothers” that have been brought together.

Dan's work in reuniting this group of veterans made Bruce Flaherty think of how to show their gratitude to Dan Behrens for reuniting the members of D/4th/3rd. So, at the 2006 reunion in Washington D.C., Bruce Flaherty came up with the idea to present an American flag to Dan and to two other families of 0/4/3 KIAs. They obtained three flags that had been flown over the U.S. Capitol on July 4, 2006.

At the 2008 reunion, presentations of the three flags were made at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Flags were presented to Mrs. Mary Anne Allison in honor of her brother Lt. Henry Warner; Tom Behrens flag was sent to his brother Dan; and a flag to remember Duane Downing went to the Downing family who in turn donated the flag to the St. Johns Veterans Memorial Organization. That flag now flies over that memorial.


Company Flags at The Wall 2006

Bruce Flaherty now has flags flown over the capitol and certificates for each of the families of all 289 KIA’s that served the 4th/3rd Infantry in Vietnam. His plan is to locate the families and provide them the flag and certificate, his reason is simple-to let the families know that their loved one is not forgotten.

Bruce has also presented the Old Guard with flags flown over the capitol and certificates for the 4th/3rd regiment, Alpha Company, Bravo Company, Charlie Company, Delta Company, Echo Company, HHC and Medics in memory of those killed in action in the Vietnam War.

Need Help…

Locating a family member is not an easy task. This is a long and time consuming project and Bruce could use our help. So if you know of a family member of one of the KIA’s listed below, please contact Bruce. If Bruce cannot present the flag and certificate himself, he contacts the Patriot Guard Riders or other organizations that assist and requests that they make the presentation to the family. These flags and certificates mean a lot to the family. Click HERE if you would like to visit the photo gallery of some of the families that have received their loved one's flag.

Bruce Flaherty can be contacted by directly by email at or by postal mail at 3526 168th Street, Flushing, NY, 11358. Bruce would greatly appreciate donations, as the flags flown over the capitol cost $27.05 each. He greatly appreciates those who have donated.

To date…

Of the 288 men killed in action that served the 4th/3rd Infantry, 11th Light Infantry Brigade, Americal Division; 51 flags have been presented to the individual families. Those names highlighted with a light blue background have had memorial flags and certificates presented to the family member(s). We have a long way to go to see this project to completion! Please see if you can help. Thank you.

Update: March 12, 2019
These lists have all been updated based on the work Bruce Flaherty has been doing. To date, 90 flags have been presented to families.

    (These spreadsheets do not lend themselves to viewing with some phones, please use a tablet or desktop device for a better viewing experience.)

Alpha Co

Last, First, MiddleDOBCas. DateDSCHometown StWall Location
Ackerman, Bill R6/15/19473/29/1970 Salt Lake CityUT12 West Line 54
Andrada, Wilfredo B.5/20/19419/21/1969 HiloHI18 West Line 118
Banda, Macario S2/28/19482/11/1969 AustinTX33 West Line 10
Bartlebaugh, Dennis Lee5/29/19499/21/1969 Los AngelesCA18 West Line 118
Bauer, Joseph F., Jr.7/24/19422/26/1969 BaltimoreMD31 West Line 64
Bryan, David A.8/22/195011/24/1970 North CantonOH06 West Line 80
Burgos-Torres, Benjamin8/23/19502/15/1971 CayeyPR05 West Line 104
Castillo, Gregorio P.5/9/19439/21/1969 GlendaleCA18 West Line 119
Comber, David Wayne12/7/19512/15/1971 PhiladelphiaPA05 West Line 105
Cunningham, Dennis A.9/28/19498/21/1969 DetroitMI19 West Line 85
Daigneault, Joseph R.10/25/19425/20/1968 WorcesterMA64 East Line 3
De Felice, Lawrence J.12/12/19442/26/1969 CopiagueNY31 West Line 65
De Marco, Patrick T.3/2/19481/13/1969 DarbyPA35 West Line 81
Dean, Carl A.3/23/19499/21/1969 EdgewaterMD18 West Line 118
Dennis, Ronald G.8/8/194412/24/1969 IndianapolisIN15 West Line 89
Ditson, Lyman R. 7/12/19452/9/1969 LittletonCO33 West Line 93
Elting, Steven V. 8/11/19489/21/1969 VestaburgMI18 West Line 120
English, Steve C.2/14/19502/12/1971 SeattleWA05 West Line 98
Fields, John C.11/28/19456/30/1968 Oklahoma CityOK54 West Line 23
Foster, Joe A., Jr12/30/19379/21/1969 BirminghamAL18 West Line 120
Franks, Davitt J.2/24/19499/21/1969 ClevelandOH18 West Line 120
Grant, James W.2/14/19465/7/1968 SanfordFL56 East Line 24
Gray, Newton M., Jr2/5/19475/20/1968 LeonIA64 East Line 5
Green, Jimmie R.6/13/194811/27/1968DSCKeotaOK38 West Line 74
Hart, Vernon2/25/19518/15/1971 VidaliaGA03 West Line 126
Hathcock, Larry C.12/17/19489/21/1969 StanfieldNC18 West Line 120
Hildebrandt, James G.4/11/19477/18/1968 MiddletonWI51 West Line 5
Horn, Douglas L.5/15/19502/14/1971 Kansas CityMO05 West Line 103
Junk, Richard H.7/24/19475/20/1968 CassvilleWI64 East Line 5
Kelton, Richard L.7/6/194911/16/1970 ChicagoIL06 West Line 64
Lane, Dennis W.7/12/19465/21/1968 New YorkNY64 East Line 16
Larry, John D., Jr12/3/19425/20/1968 BirminghamAL64 East Line 6
Larson, Thomas L.9/5/19469/21/1969 Rock IslandIL18 West Line 123
Marquez, Julian E.8/6/19522/15/1971 AlbuquerqueNM05 West Line 107
Marzenell, Edward Jr6/28/19476/25/1968 BirminghamAL55 West Line 36
Maxie, Norman1/30/19507/19/1971 AlbanyGA03 West Line 111
Mayers, Ralph E.,III11/21/19483/9/1969 Bedford HillsNY30 West Line 91
Mc Clain, Willie J. Jr5/3/19465/20/1968 DetroitMI64 East Line 7
Mc Millin, Gary D.8/18/194911/6/1970 OsceolaMO06 West Line 43
Mc Nabb, Douglas M.9/17/19472/23/1968 Traverse CityMI40 East Line 77
Minkus, Dennis J.10/10/19491/13/1969 Port VuePA35 West Line 83
Moran, David A.11/2/19512/12/1971 Cold BrookNY05 West Line 99
Moreno, Ramon10/7/19365/3/1969 BelvedereSC26 West Line 108
Oglesby, Gerald P.11/1/19477/18/1968 North MankatoMN51 West Line 12
Owens, Henry L.5/1/19475/14/1969 EffinghamSC24 West Line 9
Pacheco, Michael J.11/14/19509/21/1969 Paia MauiHI18 West Line 122
Pynnonen, Michael J.2/23/19483/29/1970 LewistonMI12 West Line 58
Ransom, Robert C., Jr10/2/19445/11/1968 BronxvilleNY58 East Line 25
Rodriguez, Casimiro Jr12/27/19444/19/1968 BloomingtonTX51 East Line 1
Ross, Gene K6/12/19474/4/1968 BoronCA48 East Line 9
Schmaltz, Douglas R.8/2/19502/7/1971 ParmaOH05 West Line 84
Skumurski, David L.2/13/19474/3/1968 SchenectadyNY47 East Line 56
Smith, Charles P. Jr12/12/19485/10/1969 RichmondVA25 West Line 43
Sprouse, Lee Roy D.2/13/19486/25/1968 DunmoreWV55 West Line 39
Steinkirchner, Kenneth M7/19/19462/15/1971 BaltimoreMD05 West Line 109
Stewart, Henry M.,Jr9/27/19489/21/1969 CincinnatiOH18 West Line 123
Swieczkowski, Michael J.10/18/19465/20/1968 HamburgNY64 East Line 9
Troyano, Roland D.1/11/19512/7/1971 Newport BeachCA05 West Line 85
Turner, Van S., Jr4/18/19481/19/1970 ClarksdaleMS14 West Line 48
West, Bobby3/20/19491/21/1968 OrangeCA35 East Line 10
Western, Richard A.2/6/19475/20/1968 LarchmontNY64 East Line 10
Williamson, Ervin H.11/28/19485/10/1969 MifflinPA25 West Line 45
Yoshonis, George C.5/14/19505/16/1971 FerndaleMI03 West Line 38

Bravo Co

Last, First, MiddleDOBCas. DateDSCHometown StWall Location
Amspacher, Robert A.10/12/194712/25/1968 NormanOK36 West Line 75
Baum, Rory M.5/27/19487/28/1969 Creve CoeurMO20 West Line 62
Blackburn, William K.4/2/19478/16/1969 PikevilleKY19 West Line 48
Boyer, Thomas M.11/6/195010/11/1970 LivoniaMI07 West Line 125
Brown, Charles9/12/19492/28/1969DSCClarksdaleMS31 West Line 88
Brown, Tanner M., Jr7/6/19491/2/1970 Van NuysCA15 West Line 117
Busby, Stephen L.7/3/19494/4/1970 ArlingtonWA12 West Line 91
Cantrell, Gerald W.11/10/19464/4/1969 Pilgrim KnobVA27 West Line 9
Cochran, Roy B.5/17/19403/16/1968 GroverNC44 East Line 66
Colicchio, Peter5/18/19472/15/1968 BrentwoodNY39 East Line 44
D Angelico, Joseph M.9/4/19481/2/1970 Fort EdwardNY15 West Line 117
Davis, Gary L.2/10/19471/3/1970 PhoenixAZ15 West Line 121
Edmonson, Bobby9/17/19469/1/1969 LaurelMS18 West Line 19
Findlay, William T.12/27/195010/29/1970 PhiladelphiaPA06 West Line 26
Garcia, Crecencio C.6/15/19434/24/1968 ConverseTX51 East Line 45
Garcia, Raul Jr6/11/19481/2/1970 DonnaTX15 West Line 119
Gleghorn, Jerry W.5/25/19472/7/1968 TulsaOK37 East Line 84
Green, Steven L.3/4/19501/2/1970 Albert LeaMN15 West Line 119
Green, Robert E.2/6/19495/12/1970 PurvisMS40 East Line 74
Haglund, Victor M., Jr5/13/194711/14/1969 CrawfordCO16 West Line 74
Harley, John L.5/20/19485/27/1970 San JoseCA10 West Line 109
Hood, Terrance L.1/14/19475/12/1970 YumaAZ10 West Line 25
Jackson, Johnny3/16/19506/11/1971 SmithfieldNC03 West Line 72
Johnson, James G.10/22/19473/19/1969 Des MoinesIA29 West Line 79
Johnson, Robert H.11/8/19465/12/1970 College StationTX10 West Line 25
Labounty, Charles R.8/12/19484/21/1971 LampasasTX04 West Line 136
Lemons, Robert L.2/3/19495/12/1970 WarWV10 West Line 26
Lentz, David B.11/24/19488/15/1969 North BendOR19 West Line 45
Lewis, Michael L., Jr9/15/19446/29/1968 New YorkNY54 West Line 17
Masse, Raymond G.5/15/19488/15/1969 West SpringfieldMA19 West lien 46
Mc Donell, Terry K.11/5/19458/15/1969 SapulpaOK19 West Line 46
Mc Mahan, Charles D.7/17/19455/12/1970 LaroseLA10 West Line 25
Milus, Edward Lee7/9/19473/19/1968 Fort WorthTX45 East Line 35
Mossford, Gregory F.3/19/19473/20/1968 AshtabulaOH45 East Line 41
Osness, Victor W.11/16/19491/1/1969 Salt Lake CityUT35 West Line 17
Peetzke, Ronald E.10/6/19479/7/1969 HamptonNE18 West Line 55
Podebradsky, Anthony J.6/19/19472/15/1968 LenaWI39 East Line 52
Pomeroy, David K.2/11/19432/18/1968 LutesvilleMO40 East Line 12
Pospisil, Alfred Frank2/11/19518/7/1971 MooreOK03 West Line 125
Roar, William A.8/5/19474/29/1968 NewportAR53 East Line 7
Robertson, Ronnie Lee8/16/19488/15/1969 Old FortNC19 West Line 47
Rosson, Phillip Enos11/26/19492/28/1969 MenaAR31 West Line 96
Russo, Thomas Peter1/3/19253/3/1968 New CastlePA42 East Line 57
Sanabia, Oscar E.12/4/194812/14/1968 New YorkNY36 West Line 24
Schene, Terrance R.1/24/19505/20/1971 St LouisMO03 West Line 42
Schneider, Dennis P.4/17/19472/23/1970 MehamaOR13 West Line 50
Scruggs, Albert J.00/11/19499/16/1969 West Palm Beach FL17 West Line 1
Sellers, Richard T., Jr11/16/19446/28/1969 Palos Verdes Estates CA21 West Line 30
Smith, Michael F.3/20/19494/28/1968 OmahaNE52 East Line 44
Smith, John G.8/3/19498/15/1969 Hico WV19 West Line 47
Snitchler, Howard W.6/24/19464/28/1968 LargoFL52 East Line 44
Snodgrass, Dallas R.3/5/19501/2/1970 BrusselsIL15 West Line 120
Somerville, William H.4/8/19498/15/1969 CharlestownIN19 West Line 48
Staats, Gerald M.12/6/19492/26/1970 DaytonOH13 West Line 59
Thomas, William A., Jr11/10/19445/1/1968 HavertownPA53 East Line 42
Turner, Freddie9/6/19487/2/1971 Baton RougeLA03 West Line 97
Walker, Clifford W.2/14/19442/18/1968 Mountain ViewCA40 East Line 16
Walker, Lester T.4/19/19474/24/1968 Des MoinesIA52 East Line 1
Weightman, Greg E.10/4/19475/12/1970 TekoaWA10 West Line 27
Wester, Wilburn E.10/9/19242/17/1968 CedartownGA39 East Line 78
Whalen, Michael C.6/19/19432/28/1969DSCLeeMA31 West Line 98
Williams, Maurice T.12/13/19382/17/1968 OcalaFL39 East Line 78
Willis, Steven C.4/26/195012/5/1970 HammondIN06 West Line 109
Wise, Scott E.5/1/19498/17/1969 GlenwoodIL19 West Line 57
Wright, James W.5/20/19482/28/1969 PensacolaFL31 West Line 98
Wyatt, James E.10/15/19353/9/1968 SikestonMO44 East Line 4

Charlie Co

Last, First, MiddleDOBCas. DateDSCHometown StWall Location
Anthony, John E.11/14/19488/19/1970 PomonaCA08 West Line 123
Ayers, Douglas E.5/3/19493/24/1971 PlainvilleCT04 West Line 72
Bailey, Donald R.12/14/19503/31/1971 Willow GroveDE04 West Line 96
Baldwin, Peter N.4/17/19473/28/1968 North BabylonNY46 East Line 52
Batts, William G.2/22/19499/2/1969 Avon ParkFL19 West Line 23
Beam, Ernest E.3/3/19462/27/1968 GuthrieOK41 East Line 47
Boyd, Hurley M.5/18/19464/2/1969 BaltimoreOH28 West Line 107
Bozeman, Charles L.11/29/19433/18/1968 Little RockAR45 East Line 18
Campbell, Alexander Jr5/19/194910/20/1970 FayettevilleNC06 West Line 11
Childress, Billy W6/10/19476/27/1968 Fort WorthTX54 West Line 5
Cole, James W.8/18/19437/13/1969 Sharon HillPA21 West Line 111
Cordia, Michael J.8/3/19473/20/1968 RichwoodsMO45 East Line 38
Couturiaux, Eugene Jr8/14/19472/28/1969 WaverlyIL31 West Line 90
Crawley, Lawrence E.11/12/19504/19/1971 MorgantonNC04 West Line 134
Cross, Frederick W.10/28/19488/19/1970 RestonVA08 West Line 124
Dillard, John E.9/15/19472/27/1968 Kansas CityMO41 East Line 49
Elston, Roy D., Jr11/17/19483/28/1968 ToledoOH46 East Line 54
Ficklin, Eric12/15/19474/25/1968 MortonMS52 East Line 5
Freund, Carter J.7/27/19462/28/1969 Mc HenryIL31 West Line 92
Gildow, Thomas J.12/30/19482/4/1969 ZanesvilleOH33 West Line 25
Gordon, James L.9/6/19448/21/1969 DetroitMI19 West Line 86
Hadley, James S., Jr6/29/19435/2/1968 ChicagoIL54 East Line 7
Hall, Jackie W.12/6/19441/13/1968 Norman ParkGA34 East Line 42
Hargrove, Lane K.1/31/19484/21/1968 WyndmoorPA51 East Line 11
Harmon, Lewis A.11/17/19474/23/1968 AtlantaGA51 East Line 39
Haynes, Michael W.7/24/19494/15/1970 CharlestonWV11 West Line 7
Heavrin, Mark T.6/12/19499/17/1970 EvansvilleIN07 West Line 70
Henderson, Leon12/10/19483/17/1968 JacksonvilleFL45 East Line 11
Hicks, Wilbur L.12/25/19482/28/1969 JacksonvilleFL31 West Line 93
Hodge, Ronald E.7/17/19494/18/1970 PontiacMI11 West Line 22
Jacobs, George E.12/27/19474/27/1968 NashvilleTN52 East Line 30
James, Elvin, Jr.10/18/19498/16/1970 Maple HillNC08 West Line 116
Keithline, Richard W.6/30/19472/28/1969 SimsburyCT31 West Line 94
Kilgore, Larry W.11/6/195010/20/1970 Lees SummitMO06 West Line 12
Lane, Warren C.1/3/19453/10/1968 Grand RapidsMI44 East Line 12
Lynn, Richard R.12/16/19473/18/1968 BethlehemPA45 East Line 24
Matheny, Russell L.9/7/19474/23/1968 SarasotaFL51 East Line 40
Mc Kinzie, Thomas L.2/15/194810/17/1968 HulbertOK41 West Line 70
Merrill, Charles L., Jr2/2/19494/15/1970 Jersey ShorePA11 West Line 8
Michels, Donald M.10/13/19471/31/1969 Mount ClemensMI33 West Line 25
Molettiere, Barry A.9/14/19492/23/1970 HatfieldPA13 West Line 49
Nichols, James W.12/1/19462/26/1968 International FallsMN41 East Line 42
Orlowski, Charles F.8/15/19483/21/1969 MilwaukeeWI28 West Line 1
Pennamon, Richard S.12/13/19474/19/1968 ChicagoIL50 East Line 52
Pichon, Herman E.9/23/19503/24/1971 New OrleansLA04 West Line 73
Price, Michael G.10/14/19474/22/1968 TroutLA51 East Line 32
Ramos, Bernardo K.11/6/19503/24/1971 WatsonvilleCA04 West Line 75
Rivas, Jose L.11/24/19504/15/1970 Los Fresnos TX11 West Line 9
Scully, John M.4/12/19471/13/1968 University HeightsOH34 East Line 46
Smith, Edgar L.3/2/194810/6/1968 WadleyGA41 West Line 17
Smith, Roy M.3/31/19502/19/1971 HoustonTX08W Line 116
Stewart, John L.2/25/19452/26/1968 SeattleWA41 East Line 44
Taylor, Donald C.8/30/19493/5/1970 ChenoaIL13 West Line 86
Templeton, Clarence W.12/3/19494/15/1970 SikestonMO11 West Line 11
Thomas, Jerry D.8/14/19485/15/1969 SyracuseIN24 West Line 22
Ulbrich, John H.5/4/19456/8/1968 RochesterMI58 West Line 4
Van Skike, Monte E.4/4/19472/26/1968 St LouisMO41 East Line 45
Wolter, James L.1/21/19481/7/1969DSCGranadaMN35 West Line 52
Wright, Michael D.1/18/19503/24/1971 DuncannonPA04 West Line 75

Delta Co

Last, First, MiddleDOBCas. DateDSCHometown StWall Location
Baker, John T.1/5/194910/13/1969 MarysvilleCA17 West Line 72
Barnett, Jimmy D.2/28/19433/26/1968 HoustonTX46 East Line 28
Behrens, Thomas M.9/4/194310/31/1968 What CheerIA40 West Line 61
Blackwater, Dwight T.12/28/19456/19/1971 PhoenixAZ03 West Line 82
Borges, Michael E.6/17/19504/2/1970 FairfieldCA12 West Line 78
Brantley, Alexander B.11/21/19416/11/1969 St PetersburgFL22 West Line 18
Brown, Don C.11/11/19508/26/1969 Garden GroveCA19 West Line 117
Carlough, George G.12/19/19481/22/1969 Pompton LakesNJ34 West Line 57
Carter, James B.12/1/19462/16/1971 OrlandoFL05 West Line 110
Chambers, Donald E.5/12/19484/2/1970 KimboltonOH12 West Line 79
Chastain, Woodrow B.9/11/19508/15/1971 PickensSC03 West Line 132
Cooper, William M.10/5/19429/7/1968 GeorgianaAL45 West Line 60
Coult, Gerry D.1/7/19517/22/1971 ChillicotheMO03 West Line 111
Creech, Phillip G.8/27/19493/2/1970 LondonKY13 West Line 73
Davis, Albert J8/25/19484/30/1969 BelmoreOH26 West Line 83
Donovan, Michael J.12/11/19476/7/1968 BerwynIL59 West Line 21
Downing, Duane A.2/4/19492/23/1969 St JohnsMI32 West Line 96
Erickson, Howard W Jr5/21/19494/30/1969 AddisonIL26 West Line 83
Gallego, Michael7/10/194910/5/1969 TucsonAZ17 West Line 41
Goethe, Spencer A.5/17/19494/2/1970 ChicagoIL12 West Line 80
Graves, Larry12/25/19474/2/1970 CarrolltonGA12 West Line 80
Hardig, Terry N.12/16/19461/21/1969 UrbanaIL34 West Line 49
Harrington, James A Jr8/30/19443/28/1968 Locust ValleyNY46 East Line 55
Hath, James S.1/3/19479/5/1968 DearbornMI45 West Line 41
Henry, George E.11/2/19488/26/1969 PalmerTN19 West Line 119
Howard, A W Jr7/24/194712/28/1968 Oklahoma CityOK36 West Line 84
Keogh, Martin J.8/22/19463/2/1970 MamaroneckNY13 West Line 74
Lambert, Lee M.2/12/19493/28/1968 JacksonvilleFL46 East Line 53
Limbach, Henry L.9/8/194811/16/1969 North BendNE16 West Line 85
Longo, Dennis M.8/1/19466/18/1968 St LouisMO56 West Line 24
Mc Daniel, Michael E.2/18/194910/5/1969 St LouisMO17 West Line 42
Meagher, Christopher W5/1/19472/21/1969 New YorkNY32 West Line 71
Mello, Anthony J.10/5/19496/25/1968 BaltimoreMD55 West Line36
Miller, Ted R.10/26/19494/29/1970 BoyertownPA11 West Line 69
Morris, Doyle A.9/26/19428/29/1969 St LouisMO18 West Line 7
Olmstead, Dale F.8/12/194910/21/1969 Hoyt LakesMN17 West Line 103
Perkett, David L.3/16/19481/16/1968 BirminghamMI34 East Line 60
Perry, Roddie L.7/16/19486/3/1969 DallasTX23 West Line 56
Pipkin, Dennis N.3/8/19494/2/1970 CashmereWA12 West Line 83
Ritzler, Richard P.1/15/19492/23/1969 TiffinOH31 West Line 18
Royston, Alan M.5/15/19492/24/1969 MazomanieWI31 West Line 39
Ruditys, Edward M.10/20/19482/24/1969 TroyMI31 West Line 35
Sidelko, George3/23/19484/30/1969 New HartfordNY26 West Line 87
Simon, James M.12/30/19502/16/1971 West LouisvilleKY05 West Line 112
Stafford, James H.6/2/19372/16/1971 OaklandCA05 West Line 110
Stanley, Thomas L.7/1/194711/21/1968 CulpeperVA38 West Line 31
Sullivan, Michael N5/10/19493/11/1970 FairfaxVA13 West Line 114
Tatem, Harold P.5/23/19484/30/1969 Virginia BeachVA26 West Line 87
Thompson, Melvin E.2/19/194811/21/1968 FondaIA38 West Line 61
Van Horn, Edward L.3/30/19473/5/1968 TacomaWA43 East Line 12
Warner, Henry L., III6/21/19438/27/1968 WashingtonDC46 West Line 46
Wirth, Joseph W.10/18/19493/2/1970 HansonMA13 West Line 76
Yingling, Joseph W., Jr10/7/19516/30/1971 PontiacMI03 West Line 96

Echo Co

Last, First, MiddleDOBCas. DateDSCHometown StWall Location
Branson, Ralph A., Jr11/1/19473/17/1968 ViennaMO45 East Line 8
Brown, Marshall J.11/23/19479/6/1968 HyampomCA45 West Line 48
Hanson, Terrance R.9/15/19479/6/1968 StewartvilleMN45 West Line 51
Holmes, James C.1/9/19439/6/1968 SabinaOH45 West Line 52
Lane, Richard A.8/13/19446/16/1968 FontanaCA56 West Line 5
Lindsey, Arthur D.2/19/19483/9/1969 PaducahKY30 West Line 90
Maddox, Paul R.12/22/194212/23/1967 MassillonOH32 East Line 52
Mattson, Paul E.9/13/19444/20/1968 Lake BluffIL51 East Line 9
Mehegan, Richard H.12/18/19443/18/1969 TacomaWA29 West Line 70
Miller, Robin B.12/5/19493/9/1969 PhiladelphiaPA30 West Line 91
Moree, Barry R.2/23/19479/6/1968 AkronOH45 West Line 55
Morrow, Hershel E.2/2/19479/6/1968 CorinthMS45 West Line 55
Nurzynski, Joseph A.6/2/19445/12/1969 BuffaloNY25 West Line 79
Peteroy, Bruce E.5/20/19485/12/1969 New YorkNY25 West Line 81
Peters, George E., Jr2/24/19485/1/1968 St XavierMT53 East Line 40
Petrie, John J.10/25/19463/9/1969 Cut BankMT30 West Line 94
Richard, Jerry G.2/13/19489/6/1968 AnnistonAL45 West Line 56
Secrest, Edward W.8/26/19489/6/1968 PhiladelphiaPA45 West Line 56
Still, Floyd L.2/27/19489/6/1968 BarnwellSC45 West Line 57
Steinkirchner, Kenneth M7/19/19462/15/1971 BaltimoreMD05 West Line 109
Sturgill, Michael J.9/15/19495/12/1969 JacksonMI25 West Line 87
Sullivan, Harold11/22/19482/20/1969 PinevilleKY32 West Line 68
Thomas, Charles Jr8/2/19475/12/1969 New OrleansLA25 West Line 88
Utts, William W.12/30/19423/19/1969 OmahaNE29 West Line 85
Wable, Samuel L.1/12/19505/12/1969 AltusOK25 West Line 90
White, Donnie R.4/9/19489/6/1968 NashvilleTN45 West Line 58
Wieckowicz, Anthony J.9/12/19461/23/1969 ConrathWI32 East Line 69
Williams, Rayner E.3/31/19489/6/1968 BaltimoreMD45 West Line 54


Last, First, MiddleDOBCas. DateDSCHometown StWall Location
Adkins, James D.5/22/19486/8/1969 MiddletownOH23 West Line 108
Ames, Alexander A.9/21/194610/31/1968 New YorkNY40 West Line 61
Barker, Frank A., Jr1/26/19286/13/1968 New HavenCT57 West Line 6
Childress, Robert Jr4/30/19495/12/1970 NashvilleTN10 West Line 22
Coast, Albert F.2/8/19334/20/1971 RamonaOK04 West Line 135
Dunsmore, Frank M., Jr9/14/19481/2/1970 LanhamMD15 West Line 118
Duplechain, Andrus F.5/16/19499/28/1970 EuniceLA07 West Line 98
Egyed, Gerald L.5/16/194810/13/1968 DetroitMI41 West Line 58
Fullerton, Fred S.Jr6/2/19475/8/1968 YorkPA57 East Line 3
Groff, Dennis A.1/12/19472/28/1969 KenoshaWI31 West Line 92
Hartley, Robert J.2/25/19475/20/1968 West RoxburyMA64 East Line 7
Johnson, Leo F.1/21/193210/11/1969 ClewistonFL17 West Line 67
Jones, Larry A.10/15/19489/6/1968 St LouisMI45 West Line 53
Kettering, Robert P.6/19/19454/2/1970 CantonOH12 West Line 82
Michles, Earl R9/22/19386/13/1968 PocahontasAR57 West Line 11
Rivera, Raul4/13/19488/16/1970 NewburghNY08 West Line 117
Simmons, Randall R.8/27/19494/15/1970 ChicagoIL11 West Line 11
Smith, Albert J.11/9/19316/16/1969 AnadarkoOK22 West Line 60
Tully, Walter B., Jr4/13/19363/2/1969 MadisonNJ30 West Line 17
Villalobos, Ignacio L7/31/19466/8/1969 Pico RiveraCA23 West Line 115

Project of Honor

Our Project of HonorOur project, to honor the men of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us and should never be forgotten. As the men of the 11th LIB, or anyone, visit the cemeteries where our heroes are laid to rest, they are taking photos of their grave marker. These photos are then submitted and we link them to our 11th LIB Casualty lists. Read more...

4th/3rd Flag Project

US Folded FlagBruce Flaherty now has flags flown over the capitol and certificates for each of the families of all 289 KIA’s that served the 4th/3rd Infantry in Vietnam. His plan is to locate the families and provide them the flag and certificate, his reason is simple-to let the families know that their loved one is not forgotten.


FacebookWhile the 11th Light Infantry Brigade does not presently have a formal association, we do have a very active Facebook page. This page is a private Facebook Group page and you must request to join. When you request to join, you are sent a message with questions regarding unit or unit that supported the brigade, and when served or relative's information that served. If you do not respond within 14 days Facebook will delete your request. You will find the page listed as 11th Light Infantry Brigade Veterans Association.

Americal Division Veterans Association

Americal Division Veterans AssociationThe 11th LIB served under the Americal Division (23rd Infantry Division). Americal has a very active association, the Americal Division Veterans Association. Eligible veterans are cordially invited and welcomed to join the Americal Division Veterans Association. The association was formed in 1945 and currently has over 3,000 members. Associate memberships are also available. Membership cost is minimal. We encourage you to check out the ADVA.